Tryout List, Midget AA, 2018-2019, REP (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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This Team is part of the 2018-2019 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List

Thank you to all players for attending our Midget AA tryout ice times. 

If your Tryout ID Code number is listed below, we look forward to having you continue on with our Midget AA team.

If you do not see your Tryout ID Code number below, we encourage you to attend tryouts for our Midget A/BB team.  The first practice for Midget A/BB is April 16th from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. in Rink #4.

Some players registered for both Midget AA and Midget A/BB.  We will use your Midget A/BB Tryout ID Code number. 

For those players who did not register for Midget A/BB we will transfer your Midget AA Tryout ID Code number and registration information to Midget A/BB.

You do not pay for another registration fee.

To find yourself in the Tryout List – click here

5UnknownReleased (Apr 14)
6067Coach for EmailReleased (Apr 27)
118591R & L DefenceReleased (Apr 15)
120091L & R Wing, CenterSelected
120160Left DefenceSelected
120521L & R Wing, CenterSelected
121390L & R Wing, Right DefenceReleased (Apr 14)
121414GoalieReleased (Apr 20)
121625Left WingReleased (Apr 14)
121805GoalieReleased (Apr 14)
122327R & L DefenceSelected
122365Left DefenceReleased (Apr 14)
122583Left WingSelected
122841L & R Wing, L & R DefenceReleased (Apr 14)
123156Left DefenceReleased (Apr 14)
123202CenterReleased (Apr 15)
123299Right WingReleased (Apr 14)
123321CenterReleased (Apr 28)
123533CenterReleased (Apr 20)
123577L & R WingReleased (Apr 14)
123733Left WingSelected
123844Left Wing, CenterReleased (Apr 23)
123868Left WingSelected
124294Left Wing, Left DefenceReleased (Apr 20)
124486DefenseReleased (Apr 28)
124509GoalieReleased (Apr 19)
124531Left Wing, CenterSelected
124554Left WingSelected
124576ForwardReleased (Apr 14)
124642Left Wing, CenterReleased (Apr 20)
124856Right DefenseSelected
125329CenterReleased (Apr 19)
126040Left Wing, CenterSelected
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