Bantam B's 18th Girl Project (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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Journey of the 18th Girl Project- Bantam Rep B Team 2019/20

The 18th Girl Project is an amazing initiative that our team is participating in this season.
The team's goal was to raise $1200 by October 1st in order to sponsor a young girl from Uganda and help with her medical bills, surgeries and overall well being.

These amazing young ladies on the Bantam B team, individually and together as a team, raised money by donations, volunteering, selling homemade items and more to achieve our overall financial goal for this initiative.
The bantam girls worked so very hard to raise money for their 18th Girl Peruth.....

Their sponsorship went to pay for surgery to correct both of her clubbed feet.... 
and for for her overall well being. 
This is a life altering event for little Peruth as well as every member of the Brantford ice cats Bantam team.

With the surgery this 5 year old little girl will be given an amazing opportunity and we are so excited to be able to help her.

***One4another international/18th Girl Project
Peruth has started her journey toward pain free, straight feet ! Her treatment began with pre-op casting to help stretch her feet to prepare them for the upcoming surgery. 

This is slightly uncomfortable for her but ultimately helps her recovery.
As you can see , she is very excited to be getting treatment !!! Check out that smile !

Peruth, you are a little rockstar and your team is so very proud of you, your determination and strength and positive attitude.
Your teammates, 
Emma, Morgan, Kelsey, Olivia, Sophie, Grace, Alexa, Ellie, Josie, Jasmine, Adella, Joey, Kahs, Julia, Petra, Sarah, Kasady....
We got to send a team picture to our 18th Player Peruth.......
that smile says it all!!
Peruth_with_Team_Pic_30-Sep-2019.jpg    Our new game team ritual is posting Peruths picture in our dressing room.....
when each players heads out for the game they do a team cheer and say , lets win this for Peruth !!! followed by each player giving her picture a high 5.

We sent the first video of our players doing this to little Peruth and she got to watch the video.... The pictures are absolutely priceless.

This entire experience has and will continue to be sooooo amazing .
Knowing that our players are making such a positive difference in a little girls life all the way across the world is just unbelievable. So very proud of our girls!!
Team Peruth... We wish our 18th Girl Peruth a quick recovery in her upcoming surgery .
Our girls worked very hard to raise the money on their own. They raised $1500 in only a couple weeks, and with the $300 overage they are also helping Peruths family by supplying 4 months worth of food, bedding, clothes and goats and chickens to create a family income.
So proud of you all.
Big hearts can change the world!
Peruth_Helmet_Sticker_01-Nov-2019.jpg    Showing extra support for our 18th player Peruth.
Our new team helmet stickers........ 
Our 18th Girl Peruth had her corrective surgery this past Sunday and is recovering well. Her feet are now in the correct position. She's on painkillers and antibiotics but she's a trooper. She is back in casts while the surgical wounds heal after which she'll be fitted for braces.  

We received this information a long with a message from the charity  
Ice Cats
Wanted to forward this right away. Peruth and her parents will be eternally grateful for what you have done. Simply put, you have changed the course of her life. 
Peruth_with_Bantam_B_Gifts_19-Nov-2019.jpg    19-Nov-2019
One week into her post-op recovery process , Peruth received our team care package today. She is an official Ice Cat. 

We are honoured that we are a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to change this young girls life.
She even has her very own Ice Cats doll we had made for her. 
Peruth and her mom    Peruth_and_Mom_with_gifts_19-Nov-2019.png 
family.jpg    Due to the extra money the team raised for our 18th Girl Project we were able to supply Peruth's family with a 4 month source of food supply, bedding, mosquito netting and other necessities.