2018-19 Ice Cats of the Week, Galleries (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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2018-19 Ice Cats of the Week
Week by Week 2018-19 Season Ice Cat Nominees by Coaches and/or Managers. We had lots of stars this season. This gallery is made up of pages and the page numbers can be found under the thumbnails.
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  • 1_a_Avery_Alonzo_Atom_B_02-Oct-2018_.png
  • 1_b_Amanda_LAmi_Midget_AA_02-Oct-2018.JPG
  • 1_c_Sarah_McBlain_Atom_B_09-Oct-2018.PNG
  • 1_d_Gus_Green_Peewee_B_09-Oct-2018.JPG
  • 1_e_McKenna_Livingstone_Atom_B_17-Oct-2018.png
  • 1_f_Kierin_Martin_Peewee_B_17-Oct-2018.JPG
  • 1_g_Brooklyn_Wright_Atom_B_23-Oct-2018.JPG
  • 1_h_Kait_Bomberry_Midget_BB_23-Oct-2018.jpg
  • 1_i_Jamie_Matthews_Midget_AA_29-Oct-2018.JPG
  • 1_j_Mariah_Elliott_Midget_HL_Red_29-Oct-2018_No_Pic.jpg
  • 2a_Jorja_Kloepfer_Peewee_B_06-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2b_Mylie_Dunham_Atom_B_06-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_c_Madelyn_Avey_MacKenzie_Tinker_Keara_Leadbeater_Midget_B_13-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_d_Naren_Parker_Peewee_B_13-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_e_Emma_Battler_Peewee_B_19-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_f_Kiera_Bilinsky_Atom_B_19-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_g_Josslyne_Miller_Peewee_B_25-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 2_h_Kaleigh_Livingstone_Atom_B_25-Nov-2018.JPG
  • 3_a_Lexi_Cloet_Peewee_B_04-Dec-2018_no_Pic.jpg
  • 3_b_Maricca_Kelaidis_Atom_B_04-Dec-2018.JPG
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