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About PK Goaltending:
PKGoaltending is Brantford and area's most successful goalie training and development program.  It is our passion to help young athletes achieve their full potential.  We work with goaltenders of all ages to develop the skills and abilities to reach high levels of performance and most importantly, enjoy playing the game of hockey.  With personalized on ice training programs that meet individual needs, video breakdown of habits, tendencies and execution, seasonal camps and multiple training options.

Key Skills We Focus On

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Overall, vision is a critical component of goaltending. A goaltender with excellent vision is better able to track the puck, anticipate shots, communicate with teammates, and control rebounds, all of which contribute to their success on the ice  Your hands are an essential aspect of goaltending. A goaltender with excellent hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and good stick-handling skills is better equipped to make saves, control rebounds, start counterattacks, and communicate effectively with their teammates.  A goaltender who can move quickly and efficiently around the crease, control angles, handle the puck, and control rebounds is better equipped to make saves and prevent goals, which can make all the difference in a game.