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logo_owha.gif       OWHA COVID-19 Bulletins, Memos and Updates  

Date Document Name  Link   
 10-Apr-2022    OWHA Bulletin - COVID 19 Update    Link  
 28-Jan-2022    OWHA Memo re-opening    Link  
 04-Jan-2022    OWHA Bulletin - Return to Modified Step 2    Link  
 05-Oct-2021    OWHA Covid 19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Request    Link  
 05-Oct-2021    OWHA Vaccination Policy V5    Link  
 17-Sep-2021    OWHA Vaccination Update    Link  
 02-Sep-2021    OWHA Covid Update    Link  
 07-Jul-2021    OWHA Member Update    Link  
 09-Jun-2021    OWHA Bulletin - Step 1    Link  
 14-Jan-2021    OWHA Stay-at-home Bulletin    Link  
 23-Dec-2020  OWHA Shutdown Bulletin  Link
 19-Aug-2020  OWHA Return to Hockey Stage 3 Modified Programming  Link  
 16-Jul-2020  OWHA Return to Hockey Protocols Updated  Link  
 15-Jul-2020  OWHA Return to Hockey Protocols  Link  
 05-Jun-2020  Return to Hockey Information for OWHA Associations  Link  
 09-Jun-2020 OWHA Return to Hockey Framework - revised 09-Jun-2020  Link  
 10-Jun-2020  OWHA Return to Hockey Framework Bulletin  Link  
 27-Apr-2020  A Framework for Reopening our Province  Link