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Athlete Farm Training

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AFT is a one of kind training environment that’s culture is defined by it’s effort.

It’s the perfect home for anyone that wants to take a long term approach to their training.

Some of the programs they provide:

Group Training
Strength and conditioning classes running Mon-Fri.  If you're looking to join a dedicated group of adults set on showing up for themselves and their families - this is the program for you. 
  Personal Training
Fast forward your fitness.  From assessment and goal setting to totally redefining your capability, your Coach will make sure your old goals became new achievements.  The best option for a beginner that wants to make their health a long-term priority. 
AFT Independent
All the benefits of In-Person Training at a fraction of the cost.  Weekly programs and daily feedback.  Perfect for the intermediate that wants the accountability and guidance that will take things to the next level - no matter where you train.
  After School Athlete
Individualized training for athletes aged 12-18 running Mon-Fri.  Focused on teaching young athletes the skill of effective training.  
Team Training
Training teams has been Athlete Farm's bread and butter since day one.  We offer 60 and 90 minute team training sessions that focus on speed, agility, strength, coordination and explosiveness.