Mission Statement & Strategy Map (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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Hockey Canada Mission & BGHA Belief Statement


Hockey Canada Mission Statement:

“Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experience”


Brantford Girls Hockey Association believes:

-  The qualities of sportsmanship and good citizenship will be promoted


-   Hockey must lead by example, recognizing that those experiences may have profound effect on future attitudes, moral development and community involvement



-   Enhance the positive value of our hockey programs by providing leadership and initiative to develop better citizens


The value of hard work, determination, the pursuit of excellence and success in all activities


Brantford Girls Hockey Association Strategy Map 
 Strategic Goals 2017 - 2018
Hockey is the Sport of Choice 
Increase Awareness and Utilization of BGHA Increase Current Registration  Publicly embrace and utilize electronic technology  

Implement Hockey Canada’s
Long Term Player Development Model 


Strategy -  Provide accountable Service


     1.  Opportunities for all

     2.  Consistent interpretations

     3.  Efficient Office Operations


       4.  Cost effective programs and resources

       5.  BGHA Community presence

       6.  Encourage other partners to invest in   BGHA hockey

Internal Process:

At what do we need to excel to fulfill customer expectations


  1. Effective meetings and event management
  2. Administer insurance

Training and Development

  1. Deliver cost effective clinics
  2. High Performance Program (AA)
  3. E-learning i.e. learning resources


  1. Maintain e-media and e-documentation
  2. Celebrate success
  3. Promote BGHA brand


  1. Fiscally responsible
  2. Maintain policy documentation
  3. Member development


How will we sustain our ability to improve all?

Leadership Development

**  Maintain, Train and Retain

**  Objective Performance Measures


                Decision and Alignment

Communicate the Process

**   Informed and data-driven decision making

Organizational Culture

**  Positive and Engaged Environment

**  Recruitment and Support