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Team Trainers

It is the responsibility of the team officials to be concerned about and attentive to all aspects of player safety.  The prime objectives are prevention and proper injury management when the situation requires.  The trainer is the leader amongst a team’s staff in enhancing the safety of players and other participants within minor hockey.  Safety, both on and off the ice is the trainer’s primary responsibility and top priority at all times. 

Hockey Canada and its Provincial Associations have become increasingly active and prescriptive concerning the presence of trainers on the coaching staff of each minor hockey team as well as the level of qualifications required by those trainers. Best practice, regardless of the level of the hockey is to have a qualified trainer on the bench. This will provide the fastest means to attending an injury.

What are the Ingredients of a Good Trainer?

TAKE one person ...

  • who cares
  • who has comfort in the appropriate techniques and applications
  • whose actions and decisions do not exceed the training
  • who never misrepresents or embellishes qualifications
  • who has a calm and confident appearance and approach, especially in emergencies
  • who is a good decision maker that puts player safety first


  • HTCP Training



and POOF you get:

  • A person who is comfortable in erring on the side of caution in injury management
  • A person who is aware of the surroundings at all times
  • A team official who uses practice and rehearsal to ensure preparation


  • Enjoy the game from the bench and understand the proper demeanour and role.

The Trainer 'Be's'

  • Be certified
  • Be confident
  • Be calm and cool
  • Be clear and concise
  • Be communicative and conversant
  • Be caring
  • Be collected
  • Be confidential

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