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Stoke Strength and Conditioning

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Athlete Training

Stoke coaching combines experience playing at a high level with the training knowledge and education needed to maximize results. 

Our coaches have experience playing hockey at all levels of competition, International (Olympic), Pro, NCAA and USport.

We use our experience to connect with and inspire athletes to pursue their athletic goals. 

Our athletes know that the training both in the gym and on the ice will be challenging, but it will be worth it! 

Some of the Programs they provide:

Remote Athlete Training

This program is designed for athletes ages 14+ looking to train and excel in their home environment.

Remote Movement Assessment and Goal Setting Meeting

Athlete Programming and Instructional Videos through True Coach App

Access to Stoke Coaches via email, text and telephone

Weekly Small Group Live Zoom Session

*Programming available for athletes that have access to equipment and those that don’t. Video feedback provided for technique review.

  Move @ Home

This program is a general fitness program designed to get you moving. While using the TrueCoach app, your workouts can be easily accessed on your phone or a computer. Every exercise has a demo video. You record results on movements (weight used, reps completed etc) and can upload videos to check technique/form. When you record results you'll be able to use the 'exercise history' function to check what you did in the past for exercises. 

4x 20-45min sessions per week

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Stoke Reps

Stoke Reps combines elite instruction with deliberate practice.

The key to mastery of any skill is the combination of coaching and feedback from a knowledgable instructor and time spent practicing the skill. Our Reps Program combines both and is a recipe for great results.


- 2x 20 minute 1:1 Zoom stick handling session

- Stick handling training videos to be completed as homework

  Virtual Stick Handling sessions

Zoom Stick Handling & Puck Control 

January 12, 19, 26

40 minute sessions that focus on stick handling and puck control. 

All you need is a hockey stick and a puck and/or ball to participate!