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The UHS Difference

"Ultimate Hockey Skills is NOT your typical hockey school, I come with a gritty, no excuses - being the best is the only option attitude.  This is not daycare, this not a fun afternoon with your friends playing pickup.  This is do whatever it takes to be the best you can be, ON AND OFF THE ICE!!
The reality is 99% of athletes won't get the opportunity to go pro and make millions of dollars playing sports.  With that in mind your hard earned money will get you more than just hockey training.  The training and mentality of the sessions provided will instill a work ethic in all of my athletes that will last a lifetime and transfer over into any job or career situation!  Setting them up for success no matter what life throws at them!  ONLY THE HARDEST WORKERS REAP THE REWARDS.
I have extremely high expectations for each and every single one of my athletes.  No matter if your a top level NHL player or just a young boy or girl starting your playing career.  If your prepared to do whatever it takes to take your game to the next level and be the best you can be this is the place for you!!