2018-19 Ice Cat Community Involvement (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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Print2018-19 Ice Cat Community Involvement
Ice Cats make an appearance at the Brantford Santa Claus Parade November 2018

Ice_Cats_with_Banner_at_Santa_Claus_Parade_Nov_2018.jpg  You bet we Rock!    Getting_Ready_on_the_Float_Nov_2018.jpg  Ready to start moving 
 Ice_Cats_with_Banner_at_Santa_Claus_Parade_a_Nov_2018.jpg      Ice_Cats_with_Banner_at_Santa_Claus_Parade_b_Nov_2018.jpg  
 Ice_Cats_on_Team_Float_Nov_2018.jpg Float View    On_the_Float_Nov_2018.jpg  
 What_a_Float_Nov_2018.jpg What a Float!    Santa_Claus_Parade_with_Grinch_Nov_2018.jpg Even the Grinch is trying to get into our Cheer! 
 Yeah_Ice_Cats_Nov_2018.jpg What a Night!