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PrintAnnual BGHA Outstanding Volunteer Award
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Annual BGHA Outstanding Volunteer Award
Membership Nomination
Previously the Marliese Hoffman Award. Annual Volunteer Award representing: 1. Global Volunteerism - (Executive, Committee Work, Tournament,etc.) 2. Representative League 3. House League This person must be a member the association/team and their presence as a member of the organization has a positive impact on those with whom they interact in their role. Members submit outstanding volunteer nominations on-line Awards are announced at BGHA Annual Banquet
Winners By Year
  • Nick Wright
    Volunteer - Board/Committee/Global
    Nick has dedicated his time to the BGHA on many different levels this year. He has been an active part of the Board , Disciplinary Committee and helped out with the House League duties, along with helping coach two rep teams . He cares about this organization and making it better. He wants to help build an organization that promotes fun and positive learning for all players. He has spent time this year helping with the tournament and other roles that needed filling.
  • Steve Myers
    Volunteer - Representative
    Steve has been involved with the ice cats program for years. He has always been a calm, respectful member of a coaching staff who is a leader by example. He is kind to all the players and always present. Steve shares his knowledge, particularly in skating, and does everything an assistant coach should do. Steve presents as positive and encouraging. He is someone who my daughter has always seen as the safe, stable, calm one that she can trust on her coaching staff. And he has never disappointed
  • Rob Symons
    Volunteer - House League
  • Brianna Kilgour
    Volunteer - Representative
    U15A Coach: Given the circumstances with ongoing schedule issues due to covid lockdowns, Bri worked endlessly to make sure the players had a proper amount of ice time to make the year seam normal. At the start of the season, she scheduled 8 pre-season games to get our team into shape. Throughout the season she was re-scheduling games and booking more exhibition games when we had long breaks. She also had a huge presence at the rink motivating our team to have an amazing season.
  • Dave LaPointe
    Volunteer - House League
    Dave goes above and beyond for the U13 House League team - as a head coach for 3 years, Dave is a mentoring coach for his daughter, Morgan, a former Ice Cat herself, who has been his assistant coach for the last two seasons. She demonstrates a full circle relationship with BGHA and is a fantastic show of appreciation. From organizing team dinners, to planning tournament events, and hosting a team & sibling skating / pond hockey event, Dave is the epitome of a selfless volunteer.
  • Rowen Myers, Emma Battler and Olivia Neil
    Volunteer - Global
    Rowen, Emma and Olivia consistently helped the U8 Tyke team with on ice drills and skills. All three ladies had their own busy schedules with their own teams but made every effort to help pass along their passion for hockey to the up and coming females in Brantford Girls Minor Hockey.
  • Nicole Scottie
    Volunteer - Representative
    U11 Duchene/Saint Team Trainer: Nicole goes above and beyond to make the girls feel all inclusive as a team. And what put her over the top this year was knowing that covid has affected us all...she went ahead and offered a 30 day incentive challenge for the girls to do while being off due to covid, and bought each of the girls a cinch sac for their hockey bag for completing the challenge. Nicole is always upbeat and positive, a great role model for the girls to look up to.
  • Jessika Heard Miller
    Volunteer - House League/Tyke
    U8 Tyke: This was Jessika’s second season of coaching the Tyke players. Despite the challenges of COVID, Jessika helped in ensuring that our players got some time on the ice. She is a role model and important influence for the youngest Ice Cats, contributing to their development as strong athletes.
  • Cathy Drinkwater
    Volunteer - BGHA Global
    Cathy is the ‘seasoned’ member of the BGHA Board. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Cathy always goes above and beyond her duty for the organization, even more so this year with all of the extra work that COVID brought us.
  • Kyle Richie
    Volunteer - Representative
    Kyle has helped the BGHA for years both on the board and coaching. This year we did not have a coach for our Midget B team and he stepped up last minute to take the team. He poured his heart into this team in May to make sure we could make a team happen. They ended up having a great season! Thanks for doing so much for our association Kyle.
  • Lacey Brown
    Volunteer - House League
    Lacey has helped the house league division tremendously but she is also a great addition to the BGHA board as a whole. Lacey is always checking in on the teams and helping to fix any problems that arise. She is supportive and encouraging to all of the players and coaches. Lacey is always willing to help and volunteer her time. Thanks for everything you do for our association.
  • Kate Hogarth
    Volunteer - Board/Committee
    Kate is our amazing webmaster, she is constantly working behind the scenes to keep our website up to date and informative. She follows teams all year so she can post their accomplishments on the website. Kate is always willing to help anyone with the website, she loves working on it and it shows. Thanks Kate!
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    Brian Cross
    Volunteer - Representative
    Brian has volunteered his time the last 4 Seasons as a none-parent coach; ensuring the girls have the best training and knowledge. He has been committed to the BGHA in coaching roles since 2003 whether as a head coach or as an assistant coach. He has motivated and treated all girls with a sense of kindness and caring that makes girls want to keep coming back. He goes above and beyond and it’s been a pleasure having him guide my daughter on her hockey journey.
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    Keara Leadbeater, Madelyn Avey, Mackenzie Tinker
    Volunteer - House League
    These 3 young ladies are a part of the Midget B rep team and from the start of our Ice Kittens session 1 in October have been at every session on ice, helping to run the program and develop our littlest skaters. Madelyn drives in from Waterford and Keara and Mackenzie drive in from Cambridge each Saturday morning for 8:30 a.m. Rob and John who run the program have said that these 3 ladies could run the Ice kittens program on their own, and commented weekly how exceptional they truly are.
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    Kelly Fullerton
    Volunteer - Global
    Kelly is always going above and beyond for the girls off and on the ice! She makes everything fun and she has a great rapport with so many of the kids! Kelly also led with the organization of this season’s first Tyke League ensuring that parents, players and coaches were always in the know. She ensured representation of the BGHA in the Brantford Christmas Parade . Once again, she was a hub in the success of this year’s Walter Gretzky Tournament.