Team Sponsorship Information (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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House League Sponsorships:

Individual teams may also wish to cover additional team expenses by utilizing a fundraiser, or requesting sponsorship.
Fundraising activities should be voted on and accepted by the team, should be voluntary, and shall be goal-based with a specific financial target.  
Some fundraising ideas can be found in the home page library folder called 'Fundraising Ideas' or click here

Similarly, sponsorship requests shall be goal-based, with a defined target amount, and shall not be open ended with an unlimited target. Teams shall provide prospective sponsors with the approved letter indicating which specific team the funds will be directed (to ensure the sponsor knows the request is not league-wide), as well as details regarding the specific activity their funds will cover.
A sample sponsor letter can be found here.
An example of a past sponsorship request form is here.  This form is not mandatory - it is an example.

Confirmed sponsors shall also be provided with a home game schedule and appreciation letter. All sponsorship and fundraising activities shall be reviewed by the BGHA Executive and approved at its discretion. House league teams will not be permitted the use of a team bank account; these teams should have no balance to manage, as monies collected will have a specified use and will be collected only as needed.


Rep Team Sponsorship

Rep teams are responsible for their own team sponsorship. Teams must create their own letter, and have sponsorship money paid directly to the team bank account. 

Adding Logo to Team Webpage

At least one member of the coaching team should have a login.  If this is required, please contact Webmaster to have this set up.
Sponsor logo should be a .jpg or .png.
Follow these instructions here.