Mentorship 2018/19 - Ice Kittens (Brantford Girls Hockey Association)

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PrintMentorship 2018/19 - Ice Kittens

Ice Kitten Helpers - 2018/19

Madelyn Avey, MacKenzie Tinker and Keara Leadbeater (from Midget B Ice Cats)


Every single Saturday these 3 ladies wake up early, drive in from Waterford and Cambridge just to be at our Ice Kittens program at 8:30am at the Gretzky Centre.

Madelyn volunteered all last season as well and this year she's back and brought Keara and Mackenzie who are both new to our Brantford Ice Cats family....Welcome! Our youngest of skaters in our Ice Kittens program absolutely adore these 3 midget B players and have excelled in all areas of skating because of them. 

Madelyn is all smiles....she lights up a room and knows each and every Ice Kitten player by name. She takes such pride in her volunteering and parents have made lots of praises for her amazing help. The little girls are so lucky to have her to help them starting out in their hockey journey.
Mackenzie is crazy awesome..... she takes on the toughest little one, tears and all she helps them through it. Her dedication has not gone unnoticed. 
Keara is phenomenal....she has helped more than one little skater go from a pusher to skating on her own in a single session. That is pretty awesome. 

Volunteering is a necessity to help our association run and at times so hard to find good volunteers.....and these ladies ask to volunteer vs being asked. Thank you doesn't sound like quite thank you, thank you, thank you. Our Ice Kittens thank you as well.... they love you and truly look up to you.