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Don’t forget that nutrition is an important aspect of Hockey


Eating well sets the tone for a player’s performance both on the ice and in life.



Feed the machine
Eat three meals per day plus snacks to maintain a high metabolism and energy level. Although this is difficult when travelling to games, NHLPA players know, it pays off in the end.
Eat a high-carb, high-calorie meal to last throughout the game. Avoid heavy meals like steak as they will only slow players down. Try spaghetti and meat sauce, chicken or salmon and rice before a big game.
Post-game or workout
After practice, a game or a workout, athletes need to eat within the hour to restore the calories lost on the ice. Flax and essential oils, vegetables, carbs and protein provide critical benefits.
Healthy eating, like exercise, is still important in the off-season. Add more fruit and an occasional treat to your diet.
Get motivated
Nutrition has become a vital part of the modern hockey game. Today we have a greater knowledge of the affects different nutrients have on the body and mind and that means young hockey stars have a chance to improve their game in another way.


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